I would say that bacon has jumped the shark, but I don’t think that’s possible. Can bacon’s popularity ever begin to go downhill after reaching such trendy peaks as it has in the last few years? I guess you’ll just see less odd incarnations of bacon, such as bacon flavored lotion and toothpaste, but we’ll probably never see eating bacon drop in popularity. BACON IS TOO DELICIOUS. I put this in all caps because: 1. I’m yelling, and 2. It means it’s more important.

So, if you have guessed by now, this blog is about something with bacon on it. This year for Thanksgiving we were the hosts for the first time as a married couple. Some of our guests had dairy, gluten and egg allergies, so we did our best to make them feel welcome and cooked some foods they could eat. I’ve been dabbling with these sort of recipes for a bit now, so I always enjoy the challenge.


As an appetizer I decided to make Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos stuffed with a non dairy cream spread, which I typically stuff with cream cheese. I had planned to use Tofutti which Trader Joe’s normally has, but they replaced it with a nameless Non-Dairy Spread cream cheese, so this is my recipe using that.

Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Cream Spread


  • 10-15 Larger Jalapenos
  • 2 Packs of Bacon (thinner is better for wrapping, either applewood or maple)
  • Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Spread (or cream cheese if you can eat it)
  • Lemon Pepper (optional)
  1. Rinse off jalapenos thoroughly.
  2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  3. Trim off stems of jalapenos and begin slicing them in half the long way. Remove all the seeds as well. (Protip, wear some rubber gloves and you will not have to worry about rubbing your eyes later)
  4. Take a spoon or butter knife and begin spreading the cream cheese spread inside the shell of the Jalapenos. You can fill it up as much as you want, but make sure to not go over the top of the peppers.
  5. Once you have a sheet of stuffed peppers you can begin wrapping them with bacon. Take one piece of bacon and start wrapping on one end of the pepper and cover down to the end of the pepper and fold up and over to cover the cut off end from spilling out all of the cream. (this wrapping picture is from another day, notice the real cream cheese box?)
  6. Then assemble them all on a foil covered cookie sheet, one with a lip, or a deep casserole dish. You will have some bacon grease runoff to deal with.
  7. Place the peppers in the oven for 30-45 minutes until your bacon is as crispy as you want it to be.
  8. Remove them from the oven and then remove them from the tray immediately and place them on paper towels or something else to let the excess grease drip off.


Now you have an entire sheet of bacon wrapped Jalapenos you need to eat. Lucky you!



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