About Us

Mack and Deanna

Mack and Deanna

We (Mack and Deanna) live in the heart of San Francisco. We met online and were married in May 2012.

We spend just about every weeknight in our kitchen cooking something, whether it be something simple like a soup, breakfast or something more complex, we are always looking forward to our next bite. Not all of the recipes we post are completely original. Not all our posts are recipes. We just like food. We eat a lot of vegetables and not a ton of meat. We borrow from many places and sometimes just blog about doing someone else’s recipe in full. We just like to share our experience.

We’ll spend time blogging about our cooking and dining experiences around the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California in general. From time to time, we might even talk about food from out of the area.

We hope you enjoy the food we cook, the recipes we share and the pictures we post.

Thanks for stopping in,

Deanna and Mack